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Mission Statement - To produce the highest quality replica movie props from the world’s most famous spy movies. Created with highest standard of accuracy, using only the finest materials available.


The Spy Boys History - The story covers a lot of time, as well as a variety of interesting people and places. Below is a multipage history of the fascinating history of Ed Maggiani and The Spy Boys. History website came about in 1996 as a collaboration between myself and a good friend.


We wanted to develop high-end replica props from the various spy films and TV shows such as ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Wild Wild West, Get Smart and, of course, the films of James Bond.


Being collectors ourselves, we strived to duplicate the props as closely as possible and felt that we should not offer anything that didn’t meet our standards to want to add it to our own collection.


Prior to the formation of the website, I had worked alongside SD Studios at the time they were offering the licensed prop replicas of Bond props.

These replicas are highly prized among collectors and often fetch VERY high prices on the secondary market.


One of the MOST exciting things was that Desmond Llewelyn, “Q” himself, was contacted to participate in a 60 second commercial that was broadcast promoting the props.

You can view the commercial here.

ed maggiani 1.jpg

Desmond and I between the filming of the SD Studios commercial. The other photo is of us with, my then partner, David Di Pietro who assisted in the filming.

Because they were officially licensed, we had the opportunity to travel to England and meet with Michael G. Wilson at his EON office to discuss further possible props replicas to be made from the Bond franchise.

At that time, the props from the earlier Bond films were housed at Eon’s office and we requested to view what was in storage for consideration of duplication.


Meg Simmonds, the EON archivist, escorted us into the lower level of the building and into a small room. Pressing a keypad on the wall made the walls slide open to reveal a warehouse of shelving units filled with the various items from the films.

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