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Now, with 60 years of James Bond history behind us, and much longer if you include Ian Fleming's literary works, many topics of discussion and scores of questions and answers still remain unanswered or extremely hard to find online.


This is why we have "ASK ED" - Ed Maggiani, one of the world's foremost experts on all things Bond and owner of a massive collection of 007 memorabilia, and digital files containing nearly 150,000 images of Bond-related material. Ed’s knowledge base on the topic of 007 is beyond remarkable.


If you have a Bond-related question, e.g., the model number of the camera used in From Russia with Love? What was the alternate script for Moonraker? What happened to the Q branch 3rd mammary gland from The Man with the Gold Gun? Ed will likely know the answer.


If you have a question, please complete he spaces below, along with your question, and Ed will do his best to answer your question and post it on the "ASK ED" page.

Thanks for submitting!

Question... What make and model # is the dive knife used by Timothy Dalton in License to Kill? Judson

Hi Judson, Thanks for your inquiry.

The diving knife used by Timothy Dalton in his second outing as James Bond in “License to Kill” is a Wenoka Dive knife.

It has a unique feature that allows a spring-loaded button on the handle that locks in in place when placed in its sheath.

Unfortunately, there are no marking that Identify the particular model number.

I suggest you check out a recent video I did with The Bond Experience where we discuss the various knives used within the Bond franchise. It shows the knife you are asking about as well as several of the knives we offer for sale.

Question... How can I view what you have available for purchase? Judson

Hi Judson,
As you saw, our website is full of props you see not only throughout the Bond franchise but other spy-related films & TV series.
The prop-makers for these sometimes use real-life items current to the time the film was produced and, if a specialized prop was needed, it was produced by the prop department for specific use in the film.
Whenever someone sees a particular item they would like to add to their collection, they contact us to see if the item is available. Because some of the things you’ll see on our website are vintage, and sometimes rare items, we will check our inventory to see if we have one in stock. If not, we add your name to a list with your interest and contact you as soon as the item is located or made.
The website is ever-growing as we add more exciting new props. Sometimes we get asked for an item we don’t have shown and can produce or locate for you.

Please don’t hesitate to give us your ideas!
The best thing to do is let us know what YOU are looking for and we’ll get right back to you with availability and price. I strongly suggest you join our mailing list to be contacted as new items are made available.

Question... What is your favorite item in your personal collection? Anonymous

Ed's answer ... Hmmm…that’s a “toughie” as so many iconic items really stand out. I’m going to say that the one item I looked for the longest time is the version of spearguns used by the USCG Para-Aqua troopers that fought the SPECTRE frogmen in ‘Thunderball.’

Question...I read that you played a role in authenticating the helmet worn by Sean Connery flying LIL Nellie - Where do you begin, and what is the authentication process?


Ed's answer ..Hi Zack! Thanks for writing. I have to admit is was pure ‘Dumb Luck’ that I stumbled across a posting by the person that had it. I contact him and, through extensive research through my photo files, I was able to photo match the helmet to the original one worn by Connery in the film.

Question...I’m 19 years old, and I just started collecting 007 memorabilia - There is so much stuff on the market, and some of it is expensive; is it better to focus on collecting items from my favorite movie or the whole franchise? Ethan

Ed's answer ... Hi Ethan, 
Firstoff, welcome to the world of collecting 007. 
There are very many things to collect such as magazines, posters, toys, and my personal favorite – props.
The list of collectible items is endless. 
I suggest you ‘test the waters” by starting slow to see what most appeals to you and then concentrate on that item.

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