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Wild Wild West

WWW_Winchester Rifle.jpg

We are proud to offer fine replica of the rifle, as used by Robert Conrad as Agent James West, in the TV show The Wild, Wild West.

The rifle is a non-firing decorator model version of the Winchester Model 1873 Lever action. Although non-functional as a real firearm, it closely duplicates the fine action of the real weapon.

The lever can be drawn down to cock the hammer mechanism and the working trigger can simulate the actual firing stages of a real rifle. 

The rifle is finished in an antiqued silver finish and the real wood stock and forearm are lavishly decorated, on both sides, with tacks as was the original.

This item may not be available to all states due to state or local legal restrictions.

Replica of Jim West's Colt 1873 Nickel finished Single action revolver. The real wood handgrips are fitted with a depiction of a coiled rattlesnake as seen on the show.

This is a non-working replica that can have the hammer cocked and stimulate firing with the working trigger mechanism. The cylinder also spins when the hammer is cooked. 

An interesting note is that the coiled rattlesnake grips originally appeared in a Clint Eastwood Tv episode of "Rawhide." In that episode, it was originally owned by a gunfighter but given to Eastwood's character who not only wore it throughout the series but then carried it over to use in the "Man with no name" series of spaghetti westerns that gave him international fame.

This item may not be available to all states due to state or local legal restrictions.

A replica of the toy chicken commissioned by Count Manzeppi to house, in its inner cavity, the Philosopher's stone - a 14th Century rock with the power to turn things into gold.

The replica sits on a black Plexiglass base and can be key wound to activate the clockwork mechanism within causing it to stimulate the pecking action of a chicken.

As we use a vintage toy, as was used in the TV show, it is subject to avilability.

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